Meditate to control anger


…what do you do?

We get it, you live on a tight schedule. You plan and prioritise, to make everyone happy. Even if this means, that you don’t get time for yourself. To take a nap or a run, a yoga class or a quiet meditation session.
You’re just being a really cool colleague, a great spouse, friend or parent, doing your best, to make everything run smooth for everyone. You’re a good person to everyone else.
Hopefully, your colleagues, friends , partner and kids are being just as good to you.
But even so, life happens. To you and to them. Sometimes, thing don’t go as planned.

This happens to all of us. Everybody knows the frustration and the restlessness.
This is not about how to avoid this. You can’t.
But you CAN avoid being frustrated, irritated or even angry. You CAN avoid the feeling of being stood up, or having wasted your precious time.

Change your reaction
When life happens and someone is late, forgets an appointment or deadline, and things don’t go as you planned, how do feel? And how do you react?
Of course, if you meditate regularly, you’ll be able to see the gift in this sudden bonus time you’ve been given. You’ll might even look for the reason why this specific appointment was cancelled in the last minute, and you might even find a way to be grateful, for this time for reflection and learning.

If this is definitely NOT where you’re at, then maybe it’s time you start doing something about it.
You see, science shows us, that we can change or behaviours byt changing our mind. And we can change our mind with meditation.


Don’t worry, be happy

Feel better right now, with a guided meditation from OliOli right here. When you meditate, your lower your blood pressure and stress hormones and at the same time you increase your self-awareness. This makes it so much easier for you to just shrug your shoulders and move on. Move away from negativity and anger to a more positive, light and happier you.

It may sound a bit cliché… But you know, when live gives you lemons, enjoy the much needed c-vitamins.

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