1. Consent

By accepting these personal data terms, you provide OliOli with consent to the processing of your data as described in these terms.

  1. Personal data on purchase

The first time you purchase an item from OliOli, you will be registered as a customer. The personal information we register is your name and email, as well as what products you purchase. This information is not kept encrypted, nor is it transmitted in encrypted form. OliOli does not store your credit card information. We use personal data to process your order and store the information for 5 years from your last purchase for accounting law. Once you have purchased an item from OliOli, your email address may also be used to submit offers for similar products or services. In addition, we will record that you have accepted our terms and conditions, and the extent to which you have accepted that OliOli will send you e-mails. If you have chosen to receive our newsletter, we will also use your information to send the newsletter. In this case, we’ll store this information until you may unsubscribe from the receipt of the newsletter. The information we record in connection with your purchase and behavior on our website will be used for compiling statistics, market research, and an improved user experience. Personal data to third parties are provided solely to the extent and to improve the customer’s experience on the OliOli website or in the OliOli app.

  1. User Profile Personal Data

It is necessary to create a user profile to make purchases at OliOli. However, it is not necessary to purchase from OliOli to create a user profile. When you create a user profile, you can voluntarily record a set of information about yourself. Some of this information is required for a user profile. The required information is your name and email address. We also record which products you purchase through your user profile. We use this mandatory information in the same way as information you may provide in connection with a purchase (see section 2, ‘ Personal data on purchases ‘). In addition, we use your email address to identify your user profile. We store the mandatory information for 5 years from your last log in. If you have chosen to receive our newsletter, we will also use your information to send the newsletter.

  • Optional information in connection with your user profile

Once you have created a user profile at OliOli, you have the option to voluntarily assign a range of information to your user profile in addition to the required information (see section 3, ‘ User profile personal data ‘). You also have the option to associate an image with your user profile. You should be aware that such a picture may show only you and not other people unless you have been granted permission to use the picture from these other people. You should be aware that other users of OliOli can see your image. In addition, the image is not used by OliOli. OliOli is not responsible for users ‘ comments or any other information these might add on the OliOli website ( / / or in the OliOli app.

  • User name

If you do not provide a special user name, our page will automatically suggest a username based on the name and email you specify.

  1. Log statistics

To enhance the user experience, OliOli uses log statistics to identify which subscriptions are best for sales. In our app, we also use statistics to see which meditation teachers and audio files are most popular and how we can improve our app based on user behavior.

  1. Insight and rectification

By contacting OliOli, you can find out what information we process about you, the purpose of the processing, who receives the information, and from where the information originates. If you find that the information that OliOli has registered about you is faulty or misleading, you are encouraged to contact OliOli, who will correct the information.

  1. Deleting or blocking your profile 

You can delete your profile by contacting our support at Please note that all content on your profile may be deleted. Even if your user profile is deleted, for accounting purposes we store the mandatory information (see section 3, ‘ Personal data in connection with user profile ‘) for a period of up to 5 years from the deletion. However, the profile is not available, either for you or for other users. 

OliOli reserves the right to block the use of your profile and/or delete it if the profile or content put on the OliOli website or OliOli aa under this profile as our assessment is offensive, sexually suggestive, discriminatory, racist, unethical, or otherwise offensive.

In addition, violations of the law, breach of third party rights, and/or acts contrary to the purpose of OliOli, will result in the deletion of the profile.

If content published via a user profile on the OliOli website or OliOli app contains information about third parties, this may be deleted after third-party representations to OliOli or on OliOli’s initiative.

You grant by your acceptance of these personal data conditions OliOli power of attorney to make such erasure.

As a user of OliOli, you are always encouraged to inform our support department if you find content that may fall under the above categorization.

  1. Disclosure of Personal Data

OliOli will disclose personal data only to the extent described in these terms. In addition, there is no transfer of personal data. However, OliOli reserves the right to disclose your data in connection with the total or partial transfer of the company OliOli. In such cases, the transferee will have to comply with these conditions.

  1. Newsletter

When you agree to OliOli sending you newsletters, OliOli collects statistics on which links are clicked in the newsletter.

  1. Data controller

OliOli is the data controller concerning the data recorded in connection with purchases on the OliOli website and the OliOli app and the data recorded in connection with a user profile on the OliOli website or the OliOli app (see section 3, ‘ Personal data relating to User profile ‘), as well as the registration of cookies and IP address. For all content that you might publish on the OliOli website or in the OliOli app, you are the data controller yourself.

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction 

These conditions are governed by Danish law. Any dispute arising out of these conditions shall be settled by the Danish law of the Danish courts with the customary right of appeal.