The journey has started, and we would love to have you with us.



What is OliOli? 


In Hawaii “olioli” means joy. And that is what we want to bring more of into everybody’s everyday lives. 

With the OliOli Meditation app, we are taking the first step into creating a universe for mindful living. 

As OliOli grows, more meditations will be available and in even more languages. 

We believe that meditation should be simple, and that’s why we want to make it accessible in our members’ local languages. Also, or maybe especially, for the kids.

We support the meditation app with our blog on the website, our email newsletters with tips for meditation and mindful living and with pictures, videos, quotes and motivation on our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels.

In our pipeline, we have breathing exercises, mindful practices, moving meditation and meditation courses in the app and sometimes even live, yoga nidra, yin yoga (and probably a bit of yang to go with it). We would love to also offer our members meditation music, or just music for relaxation. We are constantly thinking of how the perfect mindful
living app would work, and now we are putting our best foot forward into building that.

New members?

We can’t have an app, if no-one uses it. That’s why we value all our members. Those who are with us on the basic subscription, and those who have all access and support OliOli and the teachers with their payment.
No matter what type of member you are: THANK YOU!

And now matter what type of member you wanna be, you can start your mindful life with OliOli right here.



New teachers?

We are always on the looking for people to join us. 

Right now, we are what we are, because of our fantastic meditation teachers. 

Some of them, have been with us, since OliOli was just a thought and a drawing, and some have seen us out there and asked if they could join us.

Some are recommended to us, and others are recommended to connect with us.
So are you. If you are a certified teacher within your field, and if you wanna be a part of the OliOli community, we would love to hear from you, right here


With OliOli Meditation, you get a platform where you can introduce yourself and share your content, and earn your part of the subscription fee.

We love to connect, and we love to see people connect on OliOli. Teachers and members who might not have ever found each other, are being introduced with OliOli.



New ambassadors?


Wonderful people have already found OliOli, and are using their voice to help others find us too. This means the world to us. The best reviews we can get, are those from our members, and if you want to help us share the word about OliOli on your channels, we are certainly willing to help. You will be rewarded with free OliOli, and your followers can win free subscriptions in contests or giveaways.



New followers?


Please remember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. 


The more followers OliOli has, the more people will see the motivational posts, and maybe be inspired on their mindful journey. Help us help them by following, sharing, liking and commenting.

If you’re not quite sure whether you wanna be a member you can start by joining the OliOli mail list, and still get a bit of OliOli in your life. We would never spam you, you might even miss us in your inbox, once you get started.



New partners?


The OliOli platform is built, so that it can easily be shared and integrated to other systems. 

This is because of the mission: Helping everybody get more “olioli” in their everyday lifes, whatever it takes. 

So, if you have a brand or a business with a mission that relates to this, we are very interested to hear from you. Even though we can get wild ideas, you probably have something in mind that we never thought of. And we would love to hear that.
Please, reach out to our founder Anna ( and share your thoughts. She loves to help.


Join the OliOli community, and follow along on our mindful journey into the wild unknown future.
Thank you for holding our hand, we promise to hold yours as well.