Stress can ruin your work life and create damages to your private life. Colleagues at the workplace are also affected when the mood and work atmosphere is stressful, and tasks are not efficiently done.



Stress harms you and your colleagues and your ability to think creatively, solve problems, stay grounded, meet deadlines and stay cool and happy at work.

Besides the human costs, workplaces suffer financially, when they have to pay for inefficient work and employees on sick leave and find others to take care of the tasks.

When subscribing to OliOli Meditation, you and your colleagues have free access to more than a hundred guided meditations, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices. 

All members of OliOli even get access to OliOli Junior, a meditation app included in OliOli, with guided meditations developed specifically for children. With OliOli Junior, parents can meditate with their kids and have a nice and quiet mindful experience together.


All the meditation teachers in OliOli Meditation are well-trained and certified and have great experience within their fields of meditation, mindfulness, and stress therapy.


The OliOli Meditation app can be used on all devices, even computers.

This means that the meditation practice can be done anytime, anywhere. 

And, if your work doesn’t allow for longer breaks for meditation during the day, you can even find short meditations for as little as five minutes. 


We all have good intentions of doing something good for ourselves, but when we are stressed, we can easily forget it or even skip it on purpose, to get other stuff done. The thing is, that practicing mindfulness with guided meditations actually gives you more time and energy. 20 minutes of meditation gives the equivalent energy as three cups of coffee. 


Also, listening to guided meditations you will experience even more benefits that you won’t get from that afternoon cup of joe.


Meditation helps you 


Stay focused, even in over stimulating and stressful situations.

Think clearly, brainstorm ideas, and react efficiently, to get the most out of every situation.


Handle stress and tight deadlines without burning out.


Increase your self-esteem


Connect with yourself and know your own boundaries


See possibilities instead of problems


Feel in control and on top of any situation


Diminish negative thoughts and self-talk


Increase positive feelings that can strengthen your relations


Recognize what’s troubling you, and understand whether you can change this or not. 


Accept the things that you can not change.



Everyone can practice meditation and mindfulness. And just like any other skill you want to practice, it is the effort, time, and consistency that will lead you to results.

As you go, you’ll realize that with meditation and mindfulness, there is no goal, you are never really done. In our stressful goal-oriented everyday lives that’s quite a paradox, and this is why so many find guided meditation to be a relief, a break from goals and achievements.


Time is money. Let us help you spend it well.

When you buy a B2B subscription for OliOli Meditation, we want to give you the best deal possible for you and your employees. 

To get the most of it, we give you 12 months of access to everything in OliOli Meditation, as well as emails and notifications with tips for meditation and mindful living.
The price is pay-as-you-go so that you always only pay for the subscriptions actually used.
Are you ready to get going? 

Contact our founder Anna here (anna@oliolimeditation.com), and let her help you get a good start.