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- kids too!

We made an app that keeps you


Science shows that guided meditation helps release stress symptoms. With the guided meditations in the OliOli app, you'll have less stress in your everyday life.


Increases your mental strength so you can handle small and big challenges in life. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, there are many guided meditations, so have your pick!


OliOli's countless meditations are organized by themes. So, if you need to find calm for sleeping at bedtime, search for "sleep" and enjoy the peace throughout the night.

What our users say

Nothing feels better to us than acknowledgement from people around the world that we have helped them with the content of our app – actually, that makes us very proud! Here are some toughts from a couple of regular users:

OliOli Meditation is my personal break away from everything. It's easy to find exactly what I want to listen to and it helps me sleep much better and increases my focus and creativity. It's really great that there are so many different meditation styles to choose from.
Sarah J. Karlsson
My girls are 9 and 12. They often ask if they can fall asleep while listening to a guided meditation. Even though there are plenty to choose from, they have their favorites to fall asleep with. It's nice with so many different meditations for adults and kids in the same app.
Scott Perry


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